A Brief Insight into Huawei’ In-App Purchases

IAP or Huawei In-App Purchases, is a type of service which allows people different types of facilities when it comes to in-app payment, and also in-app purchases. With the help of this app, it has become much easier and convenient for the users to purchase a wide variety of different types of virtual products; which includes one-time virtual subscriptions and products; directly within the app.

It offers a product management mechanism , also known as PMS. It has proven to be very useful and effective when it comes to managing the languages and process of the different products in the apps; which also include different types of gaming apps; which can be used in multiple different locations. With the help of PMS, all that is needs to be done for promoting an app in different locations, with local price and language is to release one package of the app.

The Latest Version comes with More Advanced Features

The latest and advanced version of the IAP, comes with a tons of different types of advanced and latest features. Here is a brief insight into some of them, which makes it special.

  • Release: It allows you to release any app, whether it is gaming app or app of any other type, with the help of one package and allows to manage the languages and prices of the in-app products.
  • Languages and Currencies: It is possible for you to set one default language and a default currency for every single location. However, only one language can be used for one location.
  • Rate of Exchange: The rate of exchange is fixed, which will be used by Huawei to update the price. However, if Huawei updates the exchange rate, it is not going to affect the price, if it is not changed.
  • Price: Huawei offers a reference price for in-app products for every single location, which is based on the price which you have set along with the exchange rate. It is possible for you to alter the reference price for every single location as and when required. For example, if you go with one dollar, the system is automatically going to set process for all other locations, which would be based on the rate of exchange. It also allows you to change the price when required, and the system would automatically update the price of the locations, which would be determined by the rate of exchange.
  • Targeted Audience: In order to release an app, whether it is a gaming app or any other type. To multiple different locations, the language and the price of the product needs to be managed at the local level.

The In-App Purchase mechanism of Huawei  has proven to be very effective, when it comes to adding more flexibility and convenience. These are the two primary reasons, that have made it one of the most popular platforms for the developers. More advanced features are expected in the days to come, with latest and upgraded features.

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