Apple Launches A Tool To Verify If An iPhone Is Stolen

The market for stolen high-end smartphones is lucrative. With the introduction of an iPhone that can cost almost 1,600 dollars without a contract, the market is becoming more attractive.

Thieves know that many people are willing to buy a slightly cheaper phone and that customers hardly ever wonder where the device they buy through the “greenways” comes from.

What Companies are Doing

Apple is aware of this and wants to try to alleviate its headaches, some unsuspecting thieves. That is why it launched a simple tool through iCloud that allows the customer to know if the used or new phone is under “activation lock.”

This lock is a feature of the Find My Phone feature on devices with iOS 7 or higher. This feature protects the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in case of loss or theft so that “no one can easily use or sell it.” It is a kind of “delete button” managed remotely (if it has already been activated on the mobile) with the Apple ID and password.

The new Apple tool checks if the iPhone you are about to buy gives you the activation lock activated status, you have to go to the particular verification page and enter the IMEI code or a serial number of the device, as well as a visual code to verify that it is not a bot. If the mobile is on, you can find the IMEI number and the serial number by following the following commands: Settings> General> Information.

If you cannot access the configuration, there are other ways to know these numbers: if the mobile to be attended is an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, or iPhone 5s, the IMEI check will be recorded on the back of the box, under the name of the device. The same is true for iPods and iPads: if the iPhone is older than the iPhone 4S, the numbers will be stored in the SIM card tray.

The user must extract it to check numbers. If the device is under activation lock, the tool will ask you for an Apple ID and password.

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