How Do I Improve my League of Legends Playing Skills?

Study Every Piece of Advice

Playing League of Legends for the first time can be overwhelming, especially without the help of elo boosters. You could feel everyone else but you are an expert but here is a little secret: most advisers you meet have no idea what they’re talking about. Hence if someone advises you, you can listen to them if you feel like it. However, at the end of the game, be sure to double-check your teammate’s advice to ensure it is helpful indeed.

Map Out the Items You Need Before a Game Starts

As you get more and more acquainted to the gameplay and the strengths of your favourite champions, you should begin to determine more of this stuff yourself.

Remember the availability and cost of certain items. How a game goes can change your plans. But a flexible plan is better than buying anything that comes your way.

New IRL Gear can be Helpful

To be able to hone your gaming skill efficiently, you might need a new set of gaming gears. Upgraded gaming peripherals can make a huge difference in how well your ability is tuned up. 

Play with Friends 

League is more enjoyable when you play with friends; however, all gaming friends are not equal. A more experienced friend can get infuriated if you keep dying. So endeavour to find people who are both willing and patient to play at a simple level than they might be used to. 

Try to Stay Alive as Long as You can

League of Legends deaths can be cruel. Whenever your opponents kill you, they get gold reward alongside experience and these rewards strengthen them. Your death lags you from going up the level, getting gold rewards and better gear, as well as restricting you from doing anything practically useful. 

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