How to find the best Italian VPN

Italy like many other countries around the world has various blocks in place to prevent certain activities being conducted online. Perhaps one of the most frustrating block is that of online gambling.

Although many people refuse to use the sites anyway, for those who do enjoy a little flutter online it can be a pain when all you want to do is have a little fun. The blocks are usually put in place for good reason but if you really want to feed your gambling ambitions there is a way of getting around the blocks in place.

Using vpns

Starting off your journey with a simple search for vpn italia through your go to search engine online, there will be thousands of results looking at you which all advertise the ability to get around geoblocks. 

These are the blocks put in place to prevent users from gaining entry to certain websites or streaming content online. Usually these blocks are permanent roadblocks and there’s nothing you can do about them, however with a vpn you can sidestep them relatively easily.

However, as well as looking at the fact that certain vpn services can work around the issue of geoblocks, there are still other factors to consider when deciding which of the services is the best for you.

Connectivity and speed

Generally speaking the connection speed of a vpn should be better than what you usually experience through your standard router at home. However, in some instances the speed may be less than adequate to allow your computer to download content without continual buffering.

In most cases it is the paid for services which offer the best connectivity and download speeds. With free vpn services they do not have the funds available to gain and maintain a high speed facility so they will offer a very low speed. To successfully watch streaming shows online or let a gambling site work without getting stuck after every spin, you will need to look for an Italian vpn which offers a faster connection.

Customer services

Even with all the benefits and perks attached to a vpn service there may still be times where you need some help.

Having a customer service team that you can contact at any time of the day or night is a prime feature of a vpn service which should be included with whichever firm you choose. Paid for vpns often have a reliable customer service who can answer queries and problems at any time. Yes it does mean it costs you money, but at the same time you get more assurance that any issues will be sorted as quickly as possible.


Always check out the customer reviews. Like you would with any other purchase or service hire, take a look at the reviews of a vpn provider to see if firstly they are genuinely legitimate and trustworthy, and secondly to see if they deliver on all the promises they make through advertising.

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