Information regarding the Bitcoin Hosting plans

Bitcoin Web Hosting is a well-defined the solution to any website owner who wants to pay or who just cares about privacy in Bitcoin. Users will find that Bitcoin were now paying for by more and more websites if they’re searching for the best Bitcoin web hosting choices. Bitcoin Web Hosting is a company with this option of payment and anonymous hosting among many hosting schemes. Companies provide a variety of hosting plans that have guaranteed anonymity and privacy if people need privacy and anonymous accommodation. By offering Bitcoin a payment option, they promote blockchain technology. Also, they offer additional anonymity options.


Bitcoin Hosting provides various plans for those who want simple no-frill hosting and for those that wish to host a special server. Also, they provide VPS hosting without the associated higher cost for those wanting some of the advantages of a dedicated server. The plans provide configurable choices that allow for personalized goods based on a variety of specifications, budgets, and technical skills.


  • Shared Hosting of Bitcoin: The shared hosting package provides the lowest cost options for bitcoin hosting. With many options, there are Starter, Regular, Technical, and Business Plans.
  • Bitcoin VPS Hosting: One of the most common mid-range solutions possibly due to the price-value balance of Bitcoin Web Hosting.
  • Bitcoin Dedicated Hosting: For sites needing more resources, this host also provides dedicated private servers. For larger webmasters and enterprises, this is a suitable strategy.
  • DDoS Security Hosting: As an added add-on to any hosting service, DDoS protection plans are available, but they are costly. The price means that people will only accept them if they sign up for a high-end VPS or a particular hosting contract. Every dedicated server has minimal DDoS protection already. But DDoS security plans are also available in Bitcoin Web Hosting if they have higher traffic levels which require protection.


Bitcoin Hosting supports Bitcoin Payments but it also allows Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, and all major credit cards. The choices include weekly, quarterly, semesterly, and annual discounts for those choosing annual, semester, and quarterly. 

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