Recognizing the advantages of using lapel pins

Lapel pins have become a standard tool for brand promotions as they are much cheaper and easy to adapt. It is assumed that attaching enamel pins to your upper body clothes attracts 50% more interested buyers or people might ask you about the pin’s purpose. It is a badge type item attached by a safety pin to the fabric. Moreover, using an enamel or lapel pin is more durable than the stickers we use for marketing purposes. It has been a great invention in terms of increasing sales. People can use these in conferences, public events, fairs, etc. With this, lapel pins are now immensely used as a fashion accessory, especially for kids’ clothing.

  1. Decoration: Enamel pins are more likely to be kept at homes in different places as a decorative piece of item. These are available on various online platforms in bright neon colors with cute stuff printed on them. Young girls are more fascinated with the idea of collecting lapel pins.
  2. Affiliation: Many students are asked to attach custom enamel pins provided by their respected university or school, to show their association with them. It helps these entities to build an extensive network around the region. However, it is also a type of promotional activity and proven to be quite helpful in getting more admissions.
  3. Social cause: Organizations working for social welfare use this trick of lapel pins to attract more charity and volunteers. It is said to be an excellent tool as it increases the possibilities of getting generous amounts in monetary and non-monetary ways.
  4. Giveaway: Different brands and companies offer several products to their fans or followers. These might act as a gift to their followers or regular buyers. These lapel pins are also an unusual and effective measure to get a rise in the number of customers. Companies also offer free samples sometimes.

How do companies make enamel pins?

Hard iron metal is heated at a very high temperature, and a fixed shape is provided to it according to customers’ demand. They melt the pieces of iron and make their surface smooth that offers durability to the item. These pins are made in factories by professional workers on order from the customers, either directly or any mediator. Afterward, paint is done on them by taking care of the engraved patterns. The corners are smoothened so that iron would not hurt the hands and skin of the holder.

What are the main benefits of enamel pins to the environment? 

Manufacturing of enamel pins has reduced the usage of plastic in marketing techniques at a very high rate. Before the usage of enamel pins, cheap stickers were used to promote a particular brand or company. Hence, it is not wrong to say that making proper use of lapel pins has reduced plastic consumption at an exceptional rate. More organizations are now getting inclined towards its usage to promote eco-friendly measures of marketing. These do not cause any earth pollution as well as water pollution.

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