The solution to industrial stagnation in post-Covid era

The industrial sectors are one of the major sectors that got hit by the pandemic. It is also important to note that not only the pandemic but even before the trade wars and economic stagnancy has made it difficult for the industries to survive. The industries after the lockdown periods are now operating under the standard operating protocols. These strict protocols have in turn severely impacted the production rate and quality of the industries. As the human labour force has reduced because of strict social distancing protocols, the solution is nowhere to be found. Though there is a simple solution but it remains in the shadow for various reasons. The solution is to supplement the reduced human labour force with industrial machinery.

The capabilities of modern industrial machinery

Industrial machinery (เครื่องจักร อุตสาหกรรม, which is the term in Thai) of the current generation is capable of creating any manufactured good at a reduced time with high precision. In simpler terms, the industrial machines are now capable of doing almost any job that human workers can do. The modern industrial machinery works in a different way. That is to say that modern industrial machinery is capable of doing their job in a synchronized and cognitive manner. This is possible because of different technologies such as the iiot technology, and the ethernet system, etc. These technologies help the machines to connect via a common platform like cloud storage. By connecting with each other the machines are capable of creating a greater level of cognitive sense. So if a single machine glitches the production line will be stopped so that the finished good is not compromised in any way. However, even the chance of occurring a glitch is minimal in modern industrial machinery because the machines have specially programmed chips installed in them. This programs help in developing a great technology known as the predictive maintenance system.

Learn more about industrial technologies in Thailand

In Thailand the installation and implementation of these technologies have been very welcoming and the results are also very promising. So if you are in Thailand and want to install these technologies in your factory setup then make sure to contact a good industrial solutions firm.

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