What Is Website Mapping?

Optimizing your website for the best rankings involves some tweaks. One of these is website mapping. According to web designers Denver, website mapping is necessary for creating a fully-optimized website with a great user experience.

What is a website map?

A website map (also called an XML Sitemap), is a comprehensive list of a website’s page. This map provides a clear and easy way to capture and display the website’s information.

Why is a website map important?

Your website needs to rank well on search engine result pages. This is only possible when your website beats the competition and satisfies the conditions set by the search engine.

Search engines use programs (bots) called crawlers to find, arrange, and index data from the billions of web pages online today.

This is where your website’s map comes in. A website’s map enables these crawlers to go through its contents and carry out indexing quickly. Look at it as a library; the more organized a shelf is, the easy it is to find any book in it. Your website’s map relays information such as content location, update details, and other related information to the crawler bots.

Creating a website map

Web designers Denver creates efficient maps for websites, and according to them, it is a straightforward process. As complicated as it looks, the process is quite similar to creating headings in a word processor. This is how to create one:

  1. Evaluate the current structure: Check out the pages, sections, and their contents. Check how they are arranged, noticing the basis and system used. Compare the existing structure with a map template to see the areas that are not arranged and how you can do that. Arrange all the pages into a structure that allows users to navigate them in three simple steps. Anything more than that could be cumbersome.
  2. Turn your links into codes: Write all important webpage links as codes for the website. It is best to use any simple markup language. You can also contract the job to a professional agency like web designers Denver.

After this, you should copy the map to the website’s folder and also to the folder labeled ‘robot.txt’. The former shows the map on your website, while the latter instructs search engine crawlers to index your website.

  1. Submit your website map to search engines: This important step finalizes the process. Each search engine has a designated channel for indexing website maps so their crawlers can work on them. Find out and submit your website’s map.

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