9 Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of A Mobile Storage

mobile storage units are extremely convenient and versatile. You can rent them out for your big move or when you’re renovating a part of your home (or your whole home), or when you’re simply decluttering. But how do you make the most out of these storage units? Here are nine tips to help you out.

Know your purpose. Do you need a portable container to help you relocate? Or do you only have to have an accessible temporary storage solution while you revamp your home? Take note that you have to know your objective to be able to get the right size of storage unit — as well as the duration of your booking.

Identify the things that need temporary storing. Speaking of determining the right size: You also have to take an inventory of the belongings you will be storing. This will make it more efficient for you to organize your packing and unpacking process.

Research the best mobile storage suppliers and reserve containers early. After you’ve determined which size of the mobile container you’d need (and how many), it’s now time to research prospective suppliers. Don’t forget to take into account your budget as well as your timeline: How long do you need the container/s? Are you moving in a peak season? After considering the time element, you should book and reserve the unit/s as early as possible to avoid any hassle.

Use quality boxes and label them properly. Boxes are essential when storing things in a mobile container. They help organize and protect your belongings. Experts also recommend using uniformly sized boxes to better facilitate even distribution. To make things more convenient, you should also organize your items by section and label your boxes (especially those containing fragile things) accordingly.

Pack vertically. To make the most of any storage unit, it’s better to pack vertically, stacking your boxes all the way to the ceiling. Intuitively, you should put weightier things at the bottom and the lighter ones on top.

Disassemble the bulky stuff. When using mobile storage to store bulky furniture, you will be able to optimize space by taking them apart. This will also reduce the risk of getting it damaged, especially during transport.

Maximize the space available. No matter what the size of your container is, the goal is to maximize every space it offers. Having empty spaces can make your things susceptible to damages — especially during a long transit time. Bear in mind that even distribution is key for safe and secure storage.

Don’t forget proper cushioning. To better protect your things, you should utilize reliable cushioning materials, including bubble wraps, packing peanuts, paddings. These are especially beneficial if you are packing a number of fragile items. As mentioned, you should never skip labeling fragile items as such to help you handle these things with extra care.

Invest in packing straps. If you’re using mobile containers for moving, packing straps are a wise investment. These straps are designed to keep your things in place while in transit. As a pro tip, you should strap down your boxes by section.

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