Difference between satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT services

Broadcasting Models and the IPTV

Since the invention of television, the modes of viewing video content are on a changing spree. Satellite television was the first mode of transfer that used satellite and radio waves to telecast the channels. Then came the cable television revolution that is followed by Internet Protocol Television. IPTV is becoming popular in recent years with many providers willing to introduce their services. You can easily find an IPTV Sverige in Nordic countries. If not, you can also go for a foreign provider. Since the content is transferred through the internet, provider location is not a matter of fact in the case of IPTV. It will be better to know the difference between all these telecasting models to know the difference of IPTV from other modes. Let us see the working of all these models in this article. 

Broadcast television

Broadcast television is the television system that broadcasts content from one point. It is one-way communication, and the user cannot send back or request anything. The two types of broadcast systems are,

  • Satellite television
  • Cable television

Satellite Television

A Satellite Tv comes under the broadcaster category of streaming. In this case, the video content is broadcasted from a geostationary satellite to a satellite dish on the earth surfaces known as a cable dish. There will be a transmitter who is the content creator, a satellite, and the receiver. A lot of transponders and receivers will be used. Satellite broadcasting uses radio waves for transmission, and it is one-way communication. 

Cable television

It is a broadcasting system that uses a coaxial cable network to broadcast the video and audio content. Cable and satellite broadcasting will be similar to the primary difference in the usage of a wired connection in the case of cable connection. The content head end is the hub that generates the content and transmits through the cables to the neighborhoods. 

Internet Networks

In these systems, the content will be delivered based on the request from users over the internet. It will be a two-way communication that allows the users to request for the programs they want to see. Two types in this format are,

  • Internet Protocol Television
  • OTT Streaming

Since IPTV is explained above, let us look at OTT.

OTT streaming

OTT stands for Over the Top streaming. It is a movie or television content provider system that delivers user-requested content over a high-speed internet connection instead of a satellite or cable provider. There will be a central content provider like Netflix who will have a database of video content either movies or TV shows. If a user subscribes to the platform and wishes to see an available content, he can play the video without any issues with an internet connection. There may be some disturbances in the streaming, only when your internet connection is terrible. These OTT platforms allow users to download the content and stream offline too. There will be a monthly or yearly premium fee to stream the services. You cannot be able to stream movies or shows that are held by other OTT platforms. 

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