Expensive gadgets and their repair routine.

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We need our laptop, phones, iPods almost entire day. It is a big challenge to stay without phone or any gadgets for more than a few hours. So much so, You Tubers make a fun 24 hour challenge on living without phone or laptop. So, it is imaginable the impact it has on our lives.

And in this adverse situation, laptop is necessary for survival. Amongst many branded products, the current favorite is iPhone in the phone ranges and MacBook in the laptop section. Since, we are talking about gadgets, drones are most in trend and are used in almost every field. With devices, comes repair routines.

That is what it’s going to be discussed in this articles, devices and how to repair them.

An iPhone-

  1. One of the most desired phones in the world. 
  2. It is not cheap to buy nor is repair thus extra attention required. 
  3. The iPhone repair can be done in authentic online sites, if the original showroom is very expensive.
  4. Screen damage is not covered under warranty but battery replacement and internal damage can be covered in the warranty or consumer law.
  5. The cost if not under warranty or insurance will be calculated as per the damage.


  1. Drones are making their way widely in every field of science and humanity.
  2. From army ground to wedding venue it is used everywhere. 
  3. It is a complicated system, and drone repair should not be tried at home.
  4. It should be cleaned and inspected very frequently for any kind of damage.
  5. The repair work should be left for technicians. 
  6. There are lot of complicated and sensitive components on the drone, even a minute grain of dust can be infectious to the motherboard. 
  7. The camera is either inbuilt or removable depending on the kind of drone.


  1. It is the leading laptop brand just like every other apple products. 
  2. Screen hinges need to be repaired, before the entire LCD gets affected and the only solution is replaced screen.
  3. Faulty keyboards needs to be replaced if not repaired. 
  4. If any liquid is spilled on the laptop, and any data is threatened. Then experts can recover the data.
  5. The most important part to get any data is to have immediate back up. This is very much necessary in the time of emergency.
  6. There are lot of online MacBook repair sites that diagnose the problem before covering up the bill. This diagnosis is important to know exactly what is wrong with the MacBook.
  7. MacBook is one of the costliest laptop, and its repair is not covered in the apple warranty nor in the consumer law. 
  8. It is necessary to get the worn fans, changed or replaced that ensure the internal parts remain cool. 

These are three most extensively used machines, which needs to be tended well to avoid any hole in the pocket. But if necessary, check for online sites that are credible and reputed. Such sites are genuine and will return the products safely within 60-days. 

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