Steps how to transfer android Whatsapp to iPhone

Upgrading to a new iPhone is the best and many people prefer using iPhone because of its high end security and usability features. If you change your phone then you would want to transfer all the data like whatsapp messages, videos etc. from your old android device to your new iPhone. Whatsapp is the most popularmessaging app and if you need extra features and added security to it, then you should Baixar Whatsapp GB transparente.

If you want to know how to Transferir WhatsApp Android para Iphone GRÁTIS, then here are the steps to do so.

  • Step- 1-Connect your iPhone and android with the USB cable and install android backuptrans whatsapp.
  • Step- 2-Backup your whatsapp messages from your android to the computer. Then click on the backup data on your android phone and return back to the software and click ok to continue the process. It takes some time to load, if you have number of chats then it will only backup the data on your android phone.
  • Step- 3- The software now has all your whatsapp chats displayed at main interface and you are able to view all the messages on the software. Send an email to the team of the backuptrans, if the software is not able to detect your iPhone.
  • Step- 4- Click on the button transfer whatsapp messages from android to iPhone, by going to the top of the toolbar. You can also go on the files and transfer messages from android to iPhone. You can also transfer single contact whatsapp chat by the same way on clicking transfer whatsapp messages from android to iPhone.
  • Step- 5- Now select iPhone and press confirm to continue. Firstly, close the Whatsapp application on your android phone then start copying Whatsapp chats to your iPhone.Now, all your files would have been successfully transferred to your new iPhone.

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